revolver360.jpgRevolver360 RE:ACTOR is a follow-up to the XBLIG-only Revolver360, and fortunately this time around developer Cross Eaglet has decided to release the sequel for both the Windows and Xbox console platforms. Billed as a "360 degrees rotation shooter," players can rotate the entire scenery to help them avoid bullets or line up their missiles when aiming at targets in the background.

Your lock-on weapon has a limited range as indicated by a blue reticle (which turns red when there's a target) surrounding your ship. A life bar dictates how much damage your ship can take before it is destroyed, and you can sometimes refill the gauge by collecting certain power-up items from the shipping containers that appear occasionally in the background. At certain points in a stage, you can even pick which direction (called junction in the game) you'd want to head to next.

The Windows demo for Revolver360 RE:ACTOR is available to download now from Cross Eaglet's site.