snowcats.jpgIn SnowCats 2014, heavy snow is starting to fall, and cats are trapped outside in the cold. Being the good samaritan that you are, you put on your coat and head out to rescue the cats from being frozen to death. You can either use your bare hands to push the snow away, or use one of the four tools available to clear away obstructions and create a path.

The snow can only be stacked up to a height of four levels per tile. A tile will turn blue when no more snow can be placed above it. Once you've saved a cat, they'll have to be placed into one of the empty brown boxes conveniently located next to the sidewalk. You can only carry one cat at a time, and you won't be allowed to push away snow while a cat is still cradled in your arms.

SnowCats 2014 is playable via the link provided below.

[Play SnowCats 2014]