You might say we've been waiting patiently for Nidhogg for a long time. Perhaps that patience can now be put to use in the game, as it is one of the qualities that will help bring success during the intensely strategic one-on-one sword fights.

I've never experienced a fighter with quite the same level of cat-and-mouse mind games as those found in Nidhogg. The simple moveset is deceptive, as both players are given a multitude of sneaky ways to quickly kill the other. You can hold your sword higher or lower, allowing you to strike different areas. You can throw your sword, but it can be blocked. There's a dive kick, a rolling maneuver (which can also be used to pick your weapon back up), and you can even duke it out using fists. A literal ton of work was put into how smooth and intuitive the fights feel, and it shows.

Of course, there's more to it than just killing your opponent. Each player is trying to escape the level alive, so getting a kill is only step one. That allows you to take off running through the level. A respawned enemy will appear right in front of you, however, meaning you'll have to either avoid dying and enabling their escape, or kill them again to continue your own.

The stages are pretty creative. It's fun hiding in long grass, climbing walls to get to higher ground or breaking through a pane of glass when least expected. Nidhogg is on Steam for $12, a price discounted by 20 percent until January 20. While it's for Windows right now, other platforms are expected in the future.