ernesto RPG.jpgI Wish I Were the Moon dev Daniel Benmergui is putting development of Storyteller on hold to make Ernesto RPG a multiplatform commercial remake. Released as a free browser game when the calendars turned 2014, the lightning-fast dungeon crawling RPG spread equally fast amongst players and press, gathering over 50,000 plays in less than a month. Daniel tells IndieGames he is making the game with bigger music, new graphics, "the whole deal" for PC and mobile platforms, despite his apprehension toward the latter's app store "wastelands."

The "realmake," as Daniel blogs, will have sounds and music from Hernán Rozenwasser (Today I Die) and art from Jeremías Babini. Daniel told us that he will try to do a PC and Mac version first, "but iOS and Android tablets are a must."

Even so, he approaches the mobile platforms with trepidation. "I would never bet on stores like Apple and Android because they are a fucking wasteland... I am making the port because it's cheap, but I am not betting commercially on them. The game can flop there for all I care. I will still make a quality port out of respect for my players."

the original Ernesto RPG

He said that Ernesto RPG is a nice break from his 3-year development cycle with Storyteller. "I was a bit worn. I was slogging through with only sporadic feelings of true progress. It's normal, but this break might help me lift me spirit back up. Storyteller would benefit a lot from that."

While details are forthcoming, Daniel teased that there will be a few surprises in this realmake. "The original version is not taking full advantage of the possibilities of the core mechanic. There'll be bosses, all right."

Those interested in the development of Ernesto RPG (and possibly becoming a betatester) can stay tuned to the game's official Tumblr. The original, free version is still available to play via browsers.