Sony has decided to host a surprise sale on some of their digital offerings, and two indie games are in the mix. Both Super Motherload and Contrast are available now at a reduced rate until Friday evening.

Super Motherload is a 2D mining game with a sci-fi bend. The addictive quality found in most miners is present here. The deeper you dig, the deeper you want to dig. The upgrade system tying into selling what you mine is a nice touch. This and the fuel mechanic always returning to base means you won't be mining mindlessly, either.

Contrast comes our way from Compulsion Games. It's an adventure-platformer set in what feels like the 1920s, and follows the tale of a small girl with an imaginary friend who can move in and out of the shadows.

Because of the sale, both games are marked half-off, costing you a mere $7.50 until 6PM Pacific time on Friday.

[via Sony Blog]