thecatamites50games.png"We're selling out!!!!!!" reads thecatamites' Harmony Zone website, proclaiming the 50-game compilation for Windows is now on sale at Per thecatamites' note included in the download, this compilation includes all the games he made from September 1 to December 31 of 2013.

While thecatamites' 50 games can be found on Glorious Trainwrecks for free, that will take 50 separate downloads resulting in 50 separate loaders. Also, it prevents giving financial support to a developer who has given the world free games since 2009 with Paul Moose in Space World (on this blog, anyway).

Further, not purchasing it means not seeing Stephen Murphy's thoughtful words and intriguing photos pertaining to his creation process, including the simple "single index card" beginnings of several of these games. He also shares his reactions to the publicity his games were getting in 2013, writing, "I was also kind of worried about starting to have my games, even the short and shitty ones, get media notice at places like, and the prospect of having unsuspecting people play these short things while expecting actual big well-rounded ones was distressing to me."

He explains, "So I liked the idea of trying to outpace that stuff by just posting things CONSTANTLY, regardless of quality, with no indication of what was worth playing and what wasn't. And another reason is that I'm kind of fascinated by the idea of a culture of something, rather than by individual games. This is why many of my earliest things like Paul Moose In Space World were less actual games and more kind of weird fake signposts to a game, like a game you'd make to pull together the disparate screenshots of a Nintendo Power preview you saw when you were 9, or those old kung-fu movies comprised of archival footage."

He also discusses the sensibility of the games, along with the graphics, text, and sound. It's all really insightful and inspiring to hear how he turned an unhappiness that plagued him into a marathon of making this collection of games purchasable today for 4 Euro or more. He hopes that this packaged project will "blaze a trail for increasingly baroque compilations of crude and unsaleable fragments in hobbyist game communities everywhere."

[thecatamites' 50 Short Games]