toe2.jpgIn Tower of Elements 2 for PC, players are tasked with managing a city's defences in preparation for an invasion from the Void Army. Some of the items on your to-do list include growing your population, recruiting workers for your city, and making policy decisions that will have an effect on your kingdom and the storyline.

When the invasion begins, you'll be presented with a top-down view of your castle and the front gate area. Enemies will come rushing in and try to break down the walls, but players can send troops or put up barriers and explosives to prevent them from getting into your castle. By matching runes and such, you can also cast elemental bolts to damage enemy soldiers and wizards.

Tower of Elements 2 is in its final days of the Kickstarter campaign, and the game is also up on Steam Greenlight awaiting enough votes for approval. If you're interested in trying out the prequel, a free demo is available to download from Frogdice's official site.