ussr2b.pngIn James Earl Cox III's [US]SR you play as an American soldier who has been sent to fight against Russian military troops. The intro begins with you and your compatriots receiving orders from a senior officer while being transported to the frontlines, where the battle is still going on with heavy losses and casualties incurred to both sides. A deeper discussion of the game follows after this paragraph, and if you don't want the surprises to be spoiled then it might be a good idea to try it out first before reading any further (Note: you may as well turn down the volume slightly too, since it's rather loud at the start).

Contrary to what the game might lead you to believe, [US]SR doesn't actually allows players to take on the role of the real hero of this story. Instead you'll be playing as one of the infantry soldiers whose fortunes take a turn for the worse when a bomb strikes nearby. And what happens next is just him trying to survive for as long as he can before help arrives, spurred on by the heroics that is happening in the background.

[US]SR is available to play on your browser via Newgrounds, or you can grab the Windows build from the SeeminglyPointless site.