tandt-3dships.jpgT&T Games is a recently-formed German development team who is running a 3D printed ship contest to promote their first iOS game, Deep Space Race. The contest is open until January 25th to anyone with a Facebook account and an address to ship to, with the exact dimensions of the prize dependent on how many likes their Facebook page gets.

Deep Space Race is a space-themed runner. Players must dodge or destroy asteroids as they try to go through green gates to extend the time available to them to keep flying. Afterburners increase the player's speed, but the player will have to replenish fuel if it runs out. It's a neat game, well suited to the short bursts of play common in mobile use and with good touch controls.

It doesn't have a lot of depth to it; players just try to beat their previous scores/distances and unlock new ships to try. Credits earned can be used to unlock new skins, but unlocking new ships can only be done by racking up accumulated distances on earlier ships. The biggest problem with the game is that during ship selection, the user interface disappears after a couple of seconds of looking at a ship and the only way to get it to come back is to back out of looking at the ship. You can still press the buttons after they go invisible, but you had to have paid attention to know what they are. There are only three buttons and they can be brought back by backing out of ship selection and going back in, so it doesn't take much to get used to, but it isn't very user-friendly.

The rest of the user interface is fine. The whole user interface is very unified and good for both colorblind and hearing-impaired players. There is a lot of red and green used, but never for things that are shaped the same. Going through gates while playing makes a ding sound, but there's also a minor screen flash. Everything else is communicated using hard-to-miss visuals.


T&T is asking that people interested in winning the contest visit their app store page, like and optionally share their Facebook page, and post a public (respectful) message on their Facebook wall.

The last step is the most important for entrants, as the winner will be selected using a random number generator from among those who leave comments on their Facebook wall. The exact prize will change depending on the number of fans their Facebook page gets, with the smallest possibility being a model about 8 cm long and 5.5 cm wide and the largest coming in at 28 cm by 18 cm. Full information on the giveaway and more detailed pictures of the 3D printed models can be seen on T&T Games's web site.