winnose2b.pngIn Winnose you play as one of the nostril-like creatures that were split into two due to a cataclysm called The Winnowing. Though other denizens of this strange world didn't seem to mind their fragmented state, you decide to embark on an adventure with the aim of reuniting with your other half and hopefully set things right again.

The puzzles here mainly consists of finding a way to cross each maze-like room and timing your runs to avoid being squashed by the other noseguys. Some of the noses will shuffle around back and forth, while the others will either chase you down or wait until certain conditions are met before making their move. The game features twenty-four levels to play through, and once you've beaten it there's also a speed run mode that you can attempt for score rankings and such.

Winnose is available to play on your browser now at the Adult Swim Games' web site.

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