wizcolor.jpgWiz Color, a free Windows game by Tachibana Ryuuichi, is a fast-paced versus puzzler of similar intensity to Super Puzzle Fighter 2: Turbo or Puyo Puyo, but with the goal of attacking with colored balls of a specific hue. How quickly can you mix your colors?

wizcolor arcade.jpgYou first choose between arcade (highlighted above) or VS mode with the X key, along with how to play, options and practice below, and then choose the mode: easy-medium-hard, from left to right.

After picking a character, you start your first battle. The goal is to mix two or more balls to make the color above the Tetrimino-like mixing station and attack the enemy until their HP (CP, in this game) goes to 0. With nothing mixed, your attack is at LV 0, but it can be mixed up to LV 5 for the max attack against your enemy.

Use the directional pad to highlight which ball (left, right, or down) you want to use, and press X to add it to the middle area. When the colors are mixed to your satisfaction, launch it at the enemy with the "UP" arrow. Easy mode is a bit lenient on the mixing, so just consider it a short warm-up for normal mode.

The game also has a defensive move using the "A" key for a "color press", which sends the highlighted ball to your opponent's mixing area, clouding their combination. The "A" key can also mitigate an opponent's attack, if the color you use dilutes their attack well enough.

Be careful, though. Each ball you use for mixing or stumping your opponent also counts as one less health point you have to live.

By the time you're fighting in normal and hard modes (or beyond!), you'll be sweating colorful bullets, so those who love fierce puzzle battles should be happy. I know this isn't the most recent game, but given its obscurity, I was hoping to shine some light on it and one of my favorite types of games.

[Download Wiz Color (click the big blue 'Wiz Color' link)]