The 2014 Nordic Game Jam concluded this weekend, with 110 PC, mobile, and board games created in 48 hours. The audience-voted winner of the jam is the above Richard Anderson's Putting Challenge, an example of what happens when you mix putt-putt golf and a senior citizen with extreme brawling tendancies.

Simon Engelsted Vestergaard, Carsten Hejlskov, and Lars Bindslev made the winning entry, which is free to download and try on your Android device. The event's gold sponsor, Google Play, brought 500 Nexus 7 Android tablets for developers to work on, which is why you'll find an abundance of mobile games this year for the event.

Attendees for the privacy-themed jam awarded third place to Paparazzi-sim (left) Filth and the eye-tracking space shooter In Space No One Can Hear You Cry, where the game invades your privacy by punishing you when your eyes aren't following the action correctly.

In second place came the hyper realistic bobsled simulator, No Privacy In A Bobsled. Played on 2 DDR mats with four bodies very close to each other, there is no room for privacy in this game made by Joey Hannes, Edgaras Benediktavicius, Daniel Johnsen, and Mathias Soeholm.

I'm just recovering from the flight back, after being invited to keynote the event. The turnout was larger than last year, which saw 470 attendees making 80 games. The 2014 event sold out at 500 attendees but managed to squeeze in a few more, suggesting that even more would have attended if the venue were larger.

Stikbold from the last Nordic Game Jam is headed to Ouya, which makes me wonder which games will see a larger release from this year's batch? To scroll through all the games, start with this link, and work your way backwards to page 12.