4thrones3d.png4 Thrones is a card-based puzzle game that features several game modes to play with. Similar to Solitaire, your objective here is to place as many cards as you can on the board, with the main rule being that you can only place higher numbered cards on lower cards. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as face cards are able to accept lower cards with matching suits.

All Jacks (being the jack of all trades) can accept lower cards of any suit. Queens accept cards of hearts and diamonds, while Kings will only accept lower cards of spades. Players are also allowed to skip up to three times if they find themselves in a situation where the current card in play cannot be placed on the board.

As mentioned earlier, the additional game modes offer slight variations to the ruleset. In Endless mode, players earn one point for every card they place on the board. The scoring differs slightly in Kings mode, where you only score points when there is a king on the board.

4 Thrones is available to purchase from the App Store, Google Play and Amazon for only $1.99.