Aside from those still on dial-up, the GIFs series of articles seem to be popular with our readers. Here's another batch, starting off with Picnic Rumble by Tree Men Games: "a color matching arcade game about 4 characters smacking enemies with picnic basket and collecting food. Coming out for IOS this spring, available now for Windows Phone 8."

waldir.gif Waldir's Inferno by Jeni Peltonen: "A roguelike-like beat'em'up with RPG elements."

toryanse.gif Toryansé by Nick Preston: "a graphic adventure game about a woman in the midst of an existential crisis who follows a mysterious stranger she meets on the train home."

alaska.gifAlaska by Andrew Haining: "First Person Immersive Sim. You play a detective on a space station and must solve a recent murder."

aitf_gameplay_480.gifAlone in the Forest by Santa Clara Games: "old school exploration game developed for the GGJ14 (playable here).

dungeon rally.gifDungeon Rally by Slothwerks: "deck-building puzzle RPG' inspired by deck-building games like Dominion and classic mobile puzzle RPGs like Dungeon Raid. You spend gold to buy units/items for your 'deck' and try to stop the enemies from destroying your town." (playable here)

Friction-Gif.gifFriction by Duende Games: " you fly though outer space fighting unearthly enemy ships using your powerful laser gun. However, the gun can only be used once it is charged up, and the only way to charge it is to risk life and limb by heading into close proximity with the enemy bullets."

Cashtronauts_animated.gifCashtronauts by Simon Préfontaine: "an open-ended 'space capitalist' game for 1 to 4 players coming out soon for PC, Mac, Linux and OUYA." (Kickstarter here)

Paragon.gifParagon by -BipolarDesign+: "a game about navigating your ball around mazes, collecting shiny things, and narrowly escaping deadly spikes. Jump off of rails with precise timing to gather all the treasures, while avoiding death via impalement."

lets go camping.gifLet's Go Gamping! by Steamburger Studios: "an upcoming FPS roguelike(lite) dungeon crawler, whereby dungeons are reached by hiking, camping, and surviving a vast overworld wilderness."

starcrawlers.gifStarCrawlers by Juggernaut Games: "a sci-fi dungeon-crawling RPG. Run a crew of talented fixers taking shady jobs on the fringes of space where your choices dynamically change the way you explore the environment, fight your foes, resolve encounters, and how your story ultimately unfolds."

lunaswanderingstars.gifLuna's Wandering Stars by Serenity Forge: "a planetary physics action-puzzle game, where you get to control 9 different space powers. It also comes with a level creator and online level sharing."

itwa_snow_480.gifInto this Wylde Abyss by Richard Whitelock: " a short procedurally generated game about an adventurer struggling to survive on a freezing island and what happens in their final hours. Inspired by the dangerous sublime and Paradise Lost."

temporus_smaller.gifTemporus by Erik Umenhofer: "a space game about the destruction of your civilization. You have to salvage, explore and fight your way through the debris to try and set right what has occurred. It will span the 2D Platformer and Side Scrolling Shooter genres and feature puzzles, lasers, jellyfish and time travel."

GrappleTrick480.gifTelos by Overpowered Games: "My goal is to rethink the competitive first person shooter."

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