Stealth gaming title Level 22 from Noego hit mobile devices last fall, but now the developer is trying to bring the game to Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam. For those who haven't played it, yet; Noego has given Level 22 a humorous theme on top of gorgeous pixel art and solid gameplay.

The main character, Gary, had one hell of a birthday celebration last night. Now that he's woken up, he's late for work. Unfortunately, his been late for work so many times now that he's sure he'll be fired if he's caught. That leaves only one course of action. He'll have to sneak in.

The game allows you to pan the camera view all around the level, making it easy to learn the patterns of the other employees. If you have to dash across someone's field of view, an obvious marker appears to let you know what, exactly, that field of view is. Get through quickly enough and you're safe. If you hide in a cabinet, your field of view constricts to a small local area. Anything you can pick up shines conspicuously. In the second stage, you get a newspaper that allows you to hide your face temporarily.

You can try the game for yourself in the online demo (requires Unity web player). If you like it, you can vote for it on Greenlight. If you decide you'd rather play it on a touch screen, you can pick it up on Google Play or the iTunes Store for the price of $1.99.