Traditionally, every level in a classic 2D platformer is made up of blocks and other elements. Some blocks are safe to stand on and others, not so much. Maybe some things can be broken if hit from below, some drop if landed on from above, and others allow players to jump past them from below and land on them. Well, what if the main character figured out that they were in a game and learned to hack it enough to change the properties of the blocks and things around them? That's a question the developers at Nitrome asked themselves, and the answer they've come up with, changeType(), makes for a great puzzle platformer.

The player can choose any types of block that they can get at eye level and swap how they act. Swapping a solid block for spikes, for example, enables the player to run across spikes but makes solid blocks deadly. Any swap can be cancelled by pushing X, which makes it possible to do things like swapping spikes with solid blocks, then jumping off of a bunch of spikes, cancelling the swap mid-jump, and landing safely on solid blocks which are back to normal. It's even possible to swap blocks with things like coins or swap the end goal with another block type to put the goal in a new place.

changeType() is available to play over at Nitrome's website.