dickfight.pngLocal multiplayer versus games (Nidhogg, TowerFall, Samurai Gunn) seem to have everyone aroused these days. Pippin Barr offers up his silly freeware fighter, Lo-Fi Dick Fight, in which you have two minutes to be the quickest wang waggler, knocking off your opponent's with your own.

LFDF offers matches for several size variations and a special "projectile dick" battle, which to me feels like the mode most possibly parodying Nidhogg. All in good fun, I imagine!

I couldn't discern this, but Pippin tells me that size does matter in the game, but it favors the little guy. "One funny outcome of the game is that it's better to have a smaller dick - they have fewer attack animation frames and range doesn't actually play into it because a bigger dicks longer range also just puts it in range of the smaller dick faster... so yeah, small dicks rule the roost in this one, which I think is great, particularly as something that wasn't 'designed' in and so on. The other option would have been to have all even attack frames and then to claim 'it's what you do with it that counts'."

When asked what the game was about for him, Pippin said, "the game felt to me like a kind of super honest reduction of so much of what games are often 'about'... all these fighting games and shooting games and so on so very much feels like guys waving their dicks around... so Lo-Fi Dick Fight felt, pretty early on, like a way of just taking that to its logical extreme."

If you're curious how Atari Basketball helped shape LFDF and how the dev struggled over the choice to "keep it simple" or make it a "proper" fighting game, check out Pippin's post here. Otherwise, give it a go here. Just realize it's not as fun playing alone.