picross pushers.pngMixing Picross and Sokoban, Amazingcookie's browser game Picross Pushers was love at first sight for my puzzling predilection.

Picross requires you to logically etch out blocks based on the numerical layout of the screen's horizontal and vertical borders. Sokoban requires you to push boxes to set positions, often with careful consideration to avoid unwinnable situations.

Picross Pushers combines the two, so that you must push the lightly etched blocks (which I feel should stand out here more visually) so that they satisfy the horizontal and vertical number restrictions. You can reveal the final puzzle pattern with "X," making the game a pure sokoban, but that takes away a lot of the fun!

I only found 1 level design error so far, where the game said I needed a row of 7 across the top but this clearly couldn't be the case:

picross pushers error.pngThe developer says a fix should be uploaded soon, so bypassing this blip, you should have a good time!

[Play Picross Pushers on Game Jolt or Amazing Cookie's site]