FOTig.pngCurated by Richard Goodness and featuring 16 Twine-powered, choose-your-own-adventure style games/stories/works by 19 authors (disclaimer: including yours truly), Fear of Twine is an online exhibition of what said tool can do. Apparently, that's quite a lot too and FoT manages to cover everything from horror and humour to political simulation and fantasy.

Among the 16 playful exhibits on show, you will find the latest Lands of Dream installment by Jonas Kyratzes (The Matter of the Great Red Dragon), Drosophilia by Pippin Barr, Gordon Calleja and Sidsel Hermansen, Amanda Lange's The Girl in the Haunted House, the wonderfully poetic Abstract State-warp Machines and demented, retro-flavoured RPG TWEEZER.

Fear of Twine runs until the 18th of April 2014.