Red Hook Studios' Darkest Dungeon is an upcoming turn-based RPG that puts plenty of emphasis on the psychological and mental stability of your heroes. Stress, famine, disease, horror, madness, and hopelessness all play a role in influencing the morale of your adventuring party. Some of them will surrender to their fears, while others will use the paranoia to bring out the best of their heroic endeavours.

Maps in the Darkest Dungeon are procedurally-generated, and you can choose from more than a dozen of character classes to make up the composition of your unlikely group of heroes. Each character has their own traits, quirks and weaknesses that'll influence the results of every encounter, hence deciding the right mix of specialized classes can heavily affect how successful you will be in your next excursion into the depths of darkness.

At the center of it all is its Affliction System, where every hero will have a dynamic emotional response to nearly every occurrence in the dungeon. For example, seeing a corpse can unsettle your Highwayman but fire up the Crusader's determination. The Man-at-Arms drinks from his bottle to numb the senses, and though it helps him face the horrors of the catacombs this also causes him to act unpredictably and increasingly erratic. Having a Plague Doctor in the party can cure combat wounds, but the Highwayman will always be unaccepting and cautious to her treatment methods.

Currently the game is being developed for Windows (Steam) and Mac, but the team also plans to release it on other platforms such as Linux, SteamOS and tablet. A Kickstarter campaign for Darkest Dungeon has been created to raise funds for its development, and you can choose to support the project or get early access to the game here.