Need to put your fist into someone's face? How about the faces of an entire street gang? Well, you're in luck. Three-person-team Mad Unicorn Games is currently working on Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis, a brawler that supports the Oculus Rift, and they just released a demo for the game.

Mad Unicorn Games is hoping to build out the Radical Heroes universe through "play sets", almost like buying new toys as a kid. Crimson City Crisis is the first of the group. The Radical Heroes demo is a portion of the first wave, and takes place across three in-game streets. Once a player reaches the end of the third street they'll loop back to the first, so the demo can continue as long as the player wants.

Future play sets may expand the gameplay, as well as add new levels and characters. You can learn more over at Mad Unicorn's Indie DB page. Radical Heroes is currently planned for a PC only release.

[Get the demo here]