It's starting to feel like we can never escape the guise of Big Brother's watchful eye, and Nothing To Hide is built around that concept. You control the daughter of the Prime Minister in the game's police state society in the demo, directing her attempt to run away from home. Oddly enough, escaping means you have to stay in the sights of cameras at all times, lest you be pumped full of tranquilizer darts once you step into the shadows.

The browser-based demo (a marked step forward from the 2013 prototype) starts out simply enough, but rearranging the placement of the camera prisms that watch you to stay in their sights at all times becomes a complicated task. Things get more difficult once you start putting special prisms on conveyor belts that are activated only when you're in view. It didn't break my brain, but I definitely had to think to get through the later levels.

The story is told through the guise of social media, which is a really nice touch and hits kind of close to home with the whole inability to hide anything theme. Developer Nick Liow feels like he has nothing to hide with the game or its assets either, making the source code free to download and screw around with. The game's crowdfunding campaign is active now and up until March 12.