"Set in a cyberspace world, you are trying to find a place known as Glitchspace - a by-product of cyberspace and its various glitches. A world that would allow for infinite possibilities, and access across all systems in cyberspace through exploitation." That's how Karl Inglott, designer and director at Scotland based Space Budgie, describes his team's first-person game centred around a visual programming mechanic.

He promises problem solving throughout, where players must find glitches in the cyberspace world and exploit them. The basic red-matter manipulating gameplay shown in the video is yours to tinker with in the alpha build, and players can sample a bit of it on Kongregate for free before buying in at $3.49 at Gumroad or Itch.

The final game, to be completed in Q2 2014, will be available on Windows, Linux, and Mac, with Oculus Rift support.