young lions img.pngYoung Lions by Cygnus and Sticky Situation team Thunderware Games is a three-screen murder mystery about observation and putting clues together. You'll probably need something to keep track of your investigation, as there is no inventory nor dialog trees, only the characters' statements and evidence you find.

Nick Romano of Thunderware wrote in to say that "the intention was to make the majority of the game inside the player's head, connecting the dots. Rather than a traditional linear adventure game, think of it more like a puzzle box. Of murder." Just when I think I've solved the mystery, I get the "bad ending" that loops back to the beginning.

Made in Game Maker, which per the ReadMe file the dev regrets, the game oozes with visual and audio style. The ReadMe also says Nick cut things from Young Lions that might make it into future projects. I can't wait to see what those are, especially from a developer whose icon is a lightning bolt with underwear wrapped around it.

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