We've all played our fair share of Game Boy-inspired games over the last few years. Some people are sick of the trend, but so long as the underlying mechanics are good, I say bring 'em on. The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight did nothing to sway my opinion on this matter because it's a solid game that just happens to be inspired by Nintendo's first handheld system.

The technology in the world of The Joylancer is pretty advanced, as their weaponry uses some sort of charge-powered setup. Its a place where knights wear "burst arms" to defend the land. Superhuman strength and agility are also bonuses when one is a Motor Knight, as is immortality. You may get knocked down, but you'll always get right back up again.

The platforming action is solid if tensionless due to the lack of death, but charging your suit to kill enemies is a relatively fun mechanic. It can also be used to propel yourself upward to otherwise unreachable ledges or to crash downward through breakable blocks. What I liked best is that it can be played at a fast pace by a skilled player, though patient players can take their time as well.

The Joylancer is available as donationware at the official website, so it can be picked up and played on Windows for free. Those who feel compelled to pay can donate $5 to pay for the game. It's not quite finished, and all versions, paid or not, will be updated as new content is finished.