flappyjam.pngDevelopers have begun submitting their Flappy Bird-like games to the Flappy Jam, made to show support for the creator who recently took down his game. Two titles I've enjoyed so far are Funky Bird and Ninja Flop, both adding their own spin to the, dare I say, "formula," instead of merely replicating it.

Funky Bird by Maniac Kick Sirup was built in PuzzleScript and turns the narrow-passage twitch game into a turn-based puzzle. Ninja Flop by bitslap has you control a ninja who must stay airborne while "flapping" to dodge shuriken and to slash oncoming enemies.

As for the influx of Flappy Bird support, the mobile sensation has been taken off of app stores by its one-man dev team after admitting the success, the reactions, and the pressure reached a point where he could not take it anymore. Developer Ivano Palmentieri created a site for Flappy Jam, saying, "indie gamedevs are friendly and supportive, envy and teasing should not belong to our community, nor be a cause of suffering."

Ivano encourages devs to "make a game, infinite scrollers recommended, use assets inspired (not ripped) from classics, make it insanely hard, almost unplayable," and submit it to the site. The deadline to submit is February 24.

It appears that at least one other Flappy Bird-related jam has already been announced, but this jam is currently open only to IndieVault members.

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