lvs.pngLVS is a match three puzzle game made by Finnish developer who goes by vae. Every session has a ten minute time limit, and the only goal is to level up all the different colors of hexagonal tiles as fast as you can. As your tiles level up, so does the music, growing more complex as you go along.

There are a couple of things about LVS that make the match three mechanic feel a little fresher than usual. Since the tiles are hexagonal, you have up to six potential swaps instead of four. Tiles can also only be matched in the up-down direction. In lieu of shooting for a high score, the goal is to complete the objective of maxing out the levels of each tile color as quickly as possible. You can swap two tiles without making a match, but doing so is penalized by losing some of the progress you've made in all four colors.

Meanwhile, every match sets off a gentle pinging sound, multitonic for combo matches, while electronica music creates a soothing atmosphere in the background. Every tile color you level adds a little more complexity to the music without damaging its soothing nature.

The one downside to this game is that colorblind players are going to have a miserable time playing it. The blue and white tiles have disctinctive shap markers, but the red and green tile markers look very similar. Once a tile is maxed out, the distinctive marker disappears and only a colored border indicates what color the tile is. It's important to know what color those tiles are in the end game because new tiles still spawn in completed colors and matches must be made to get new tiles.

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