ctrlcv2a.pngIn CTRL CV you play as a nondescript person surrounded by duplicates who look exactly just like you. They also run and jump around in a similar fashion, so when a crowd of people appear you'll begin to lose track of your protagonist's whereabouts very quickly. Players can activate the find feature to locate our hero for just a few seconds, but the number of times this function can be used is limited and only replenished slightly when you've completed a chapter.

Each time you die you'll have to replay the current level from the beginning, and the game only saves your progress between chapters. Players can choose either the normal or hard difficulty before they start a new game, though it's important to note that there are five different endings which are shown based on how well you did during the adventure (e.g. achieving the real ending is only possible when you clear the hard mode with less than twenty deaths).

The Windows version of CTRL CV is available to download from Game Jolt.

[Thanks to @indiegamehunt for the tip!]