cybergal2a.pngCYBERGALLOP is a netrunner demake created by Michael Brough for the Casette 50 mini-competition, where players race against the AI to be the first to score seven points. You change colours by collecting power-up items that appear at the bottom corners of the screen, then proceeding to break similarly-coloured barriers by crashing into them one at a time.

Points and enemy spawn counters will appear behind those barriers, and you'll have to pick them up before the AI uses them to add to their score or create enemies that'll patrol or chase after you. The AI wins automatically if an enemy manages to touch your avatar, but they will disappear if both of you have matching colours.

CYBERGALLOP is available to download now from smestorp's site, and you can check out a bunch of other Casette 50 submissions here.