MEXIN image.jpgToshio Fukui's MEXIN for Windows is like Missile Command, if the enemy attacks were given bullet hell treatment. You must defend against wave after wave of showering meteroites, with explosions, if timed correctly, creating a chain combo effect.

As meteroites pass through your defenses, they impact the bottom boundry, making it creep up the the middle white line. If these lines meet, it's game over. Even if worrying about meteroites landing in this tightening space is not the the optimum strategy to high scores, it created for me a fun sense of panic in a constantly constricting space.

The mouse and left click are your controls here. A couple tips once installed, click the (F) game menu and then (S) to start. Click the (C) settings menu to toggle (R) rapid shot or (S) sound effects.

MEXIN 3.gifRegular Mode

MEXIN 4.gifRapid Fire mode, which makes the meteroites shower heavier

[Download MEXIN for Windows via Freem]