farsky.jpgFarSky is a single-player underwater survival game in which you play as Nathan, a submarine operator whose transport had somehow crashed into the floor of the ocean. To return to the surface our hero will have to extract the necessary resources from his surroundings to carry out repairs on the submarine, but he also has to watch out for the predatory creatures that swim around the ocean looking for food.

Not far from the crash site is an underwater base that you can drop by at any time to refill your oxygen, craft items, or do your own gardening for food and nourishment. With the right raw materials and resources, players could even extend their bases or create new ones further away from their main structure.

Resource collection can be a time-consuming task, so it's fortunate that the developer had included extractors as one of the construction items that you can build using the workshop table. Find a good spot to plunk the extractor down, then return later and pick up whatever raw material it manages to drill up from the ocean floor. Furnitures, building parts, equipment and weapons all require their own separate tables before any item of that type can be crafted, and the raw materials needed to create a particular item will always be indicated in the crafting menu.

Far Sky is still currently in beta, but it's already available for purchase via the Humble widget and can be played right away on Windows, Mac and Linux. A Greenlight campaign for the game started just several days ago, and creator Tim Spekler hopes to have the development of FarSky completed sometime in spring this year.