It should probably be expected, when colonizing an alien planet, that there's a chance you'll run into an indigenous and volatile type of life. That's just sci-fi 101. Still, mankind hasn't learned this lesson in the 24th century, and during a mission, a team discovers and is subsequently killed by a race of gigantic bug-like aliens. Humanity does what it does best in this situation -- declares war on the enemy and sets forth a plan to eradicate them. So goes the story in Hive Jump.

As a member of the Human Systems Alliance's special military unit, you and a team of soldiers will start at the top of the world's surface and burrow deep into the lairs of the enemy, eventually reaching and dismantling the queen at the bottom. Dropping off a transponder backpack into the bottom-most room will allow a targeted nuclear strike to destroy these aggressive and deadly creatures.

The levels are procedurally generated so no two hives are the same. Weaponry is varied and upgradable. There are pulse rifles, flamethrowers and bombs to name a few options. You'll also have access to gameplay altering equipment, like boots that allow longer flight. That's right, you'll be able to use rocket boots as a standard feature.

The amount of players able to participate in one game was not specified, but the alpha footage below shows at least six people playing as one unit. The game is up on Kickstarter and Greenlight right now. Release is expected in September 2014 on Windows and Mac.