hoplite2a.pngOriginally created for the seven day roguelike challenge, Doug Cowley's Hoplite is a strategy game that tasks players with retrieving the Fleece of Yendor from the sixteenth floor of a procedurally-generated dungeon. Each new map presents more enemies to defeat, but they'll never stray from the basic four types of demons that you'll encounter during your quest.

Footmen have a tendency to close in on you before attacking, while wizards, archers and demolitionists will use all manner of ranged weapons and spells to hurt our fledgling hero. All of them can only do one point of damage per turn, though you still won't want to let your guard down and be cornered by them with nowhere else to run.

Fortunately our hero arrived at the dungeon fully prepared for combat. Not only is he quite capable in one-to-one fights, he can also use the shield to push an enemy or a bomb away from him. Throwing your spear at an archer or wizard kills them instantly, while the boots allow players to quickly cover distances or leap over pools of lava.

At every floor you'll also find an altar to pray at, where the gods take kindly to your quest and will either bestow upon you the inhuman strength to take on more damage or some new abilities that'll improve your chances of survival against the demons.

Hoplite is available to download from both the Apple Store and Google Play for $2.