Initial details for Tokyo Game Show 2014 have been revealed in Japanese. It will take place at the Makuhari Messe convention center from September 18-21, and the Indie Game Area is returning. This time, however, it looks like the Indie Game Area will be in the main hall for all four days instead of being shuffled off to sit next to the family games for the public days.

The theme of this year's Tokyo Game Show is 「GAMEは変わる、遊びを変える。」, which translates to, "Games change, change play." It sounds more elegant in Japanese, and hopefully the official English translation will do a better job of conveying the idea it's meant to hold: network connectivity among gamers is increasing and a new generation of consoles is launching, making this a time with great potential for innovation. It's a fitting theme for indie developers, who will be much better placed this year.

The image above shows which things will be in which parts of the convention center, with major changes in yellow. Last year, hall 9 was unused on the business days and contained the cosplay, family games, indie games on the public days. This year, Hall 9 will be used all four days, but the family games will be in the Hall 7/8 area with the mechandise booths, indie games will be in the main area, and PC games and food vendors will be in Hall 9 area. It's probably a better layout for everyone, not just indie developers. More people will have reason to go to Hall 9, which is not immediately next to the main area, and the family games will benefit from proximity to the merchandise booths. This should also save indie developers the trouble of taking down and rebuilding their booths on the evening of the second business day.

There doesn't seem to be any official English information yet, but the Japanese Tokyo Game Show web site has been updated with instructions on how to apply for a spot in the Indie Game Area. It's ¥99,900 (approx. $977 US) for space for all four days and ¥32,400 (approx $317 US) for space on the public days only. This includes a booth, which appears to be identical to the booths from last year. Nothing is said about how many spaces will be available in the Indie Game Area.

[via Game Watch and the official Tokyo Game Show web site (both Japanese)]