Eliss Infinity for iOS is the definitive version of 2009 action puzzler Eliss from Little -- Eyes (Steph Thirion). The entire touchscreen quickly makes use of all of your fingers as you balance avoiding deadly collisions and placing planets in holes, with your actions driven by an amazingly heady soundtrack.

Eliss Infinity requires you to combine or split planets to fill in portal-like squeesars of the same color and relative size. If different colored planets touch, you lose energy, but a completed squeesar gives some of that energy back. A deadly red cosmic storm sometimes blazes its way through the screen, rapidly draining planets (and your energy) in its way. A cosmic whirlpool causes additional chaos, sucking in planets until they collide.

Some of the biggest additions to Eliss Infinity are brief but helpful in-game tutorials in the 25-level main campaign, the ability to detect collisions before they happen, and a Space Box mode to play with the planets. The grid division in this freeplay mode makes me think this could be a multiplayer planet devouring mode, if you get creative with some house rules.

However, the biggest addition is the score-chasing Infinity mode that quickly fills the screen with planets and squeesars to suck them in. This mode contains its own chain combo system, explained somewhat in the mode's (?) option, where you must fill squeesars before the ripple effect they cause disappears. The more squeesars filled, the more ripples and higher combo you achieve, multiplying the points you earn.

To celebrate the release of Eliss Infinity, Indie Game: The Movie directors have released the Special Edition footage of Steph discussing the genesis of Eliss, viewable below while you wait for Eliss Infinity to download and install from the App Store for $3.