THREES_trailer.gifFrom the makers of Puzzlejuice comes iPhone and iPad universal app Threes by three devs: designer Asher Vollmer, illustrator Greg Wohlwend (Ridiculous Fishing, Hundreds, and musician Jimmy Hinson (Black Ops 2, Mass Effect 2). In case you don't pay attention to what's topping the App Store charts, these three guys just did it with their addictive puzzler.

Your goal is to make the biggest number possible by sliding either pairs of numbers together or the 1 and 2 card (to make threes). Each time you slide, the game adds another card. The top of the screen indicates the type of card you will receive next to help plan your strategy.

The visuals, music, and sound effects are adorable. Each card has its own story, personality, and charming expression. They react to each other when they're nearby to indicate they're ready to pair. Likewise, they vocally object if you try to make a bad move.

The only bad move I've seen Threes make is that its bottom play message told me to "pay attention to the next number," but I only see faceless cards up top (on my iPad 2). It does indicate by color if the next card will be a 1 or 2; otherwise, it's a bit of guesswork.

I suppose this bothers me more because of my playstyle for Threes. I love to fill up the board and make several pairs at a time, so knowing the number on the card is important when it's close to my last move.

I feel most productive playing this way because I also enjoy clearing a bit of board space at once. That said, when I have made triple-digit cards, a single pair does feel satisfying enough... until I wonder what the next card is like. I know what it will be mathematically, but now I want to know how he or she looks and acts like.

I'm addicted. I have the voices of numbered cards adding commentary to everything I do in my head, along with telling me to come play again. For $2, you can be addicted, too.

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