Catapult for Hire has been around since 2010, and it just might see the finish line by the end of the year, if this new Kickstarter is successful. It's described as a part-Zelda, action-adventure RPG where you explore temples and solve puzzles creatively with catapults, with a satirical story looking at modern issues in a medieval setting.

According to the dev's campaign, Catapult for Hire is made "in the spirit of big adventure a with a Nintendo 64 era inspired style." The variety of gameplay includes competing in a colosseum to gain renown, playing catapult-golf, and fishing to find rare ingredients for crafting, on top of exploring temples.

The dev also promises "no throwaway story," where the gameplay and story drive each other. "Written with snarky shakespearean prose, every word will be agonized over to keep the story concise, entertaining and utterly pithy."

Catapult for Hire has largely been a one-man labor-of-love, with the help of some amazing audio artists: Danny B, Anosou, and BigGiantCircles. For a $10 Kickstarter pledge, you can help Tyrone and nab a copy of the game. If you want it to get on Steam, you can vote for it on Greenlight.