NIGORO and Playism have successfully raised the $200,000 they were seeking to fund further development of a sequel to La-Mulana. They still have a few days to go, though, and with the success of the Kickstarter project assured they are now taking Paypal donations as well in an attempt to hit some of their stretch goals.

At the time of this writing, they've already hit their first two stretch goals, a developer curry party to be live streamed via Twitch and the "Curry Hell" stretch goal, which entails developer Takumi Naramura eating curry at every meal for three days straight. The next stretch goal is more serious, though. At $230,000, they'll be able to put in a Father's Diary to tell players more about what happened in between the first and second games and generally flesh the setting out better.

Now that the success of the Kickstarter is assured, they've also opened up the option to pledge using PayPal. To do so, you just have to visit the Playism store page for the free La-Mulana 2 demo, scroll down, and add a pledge level to your cart.

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