8steptow.pngIn 8StepTower you can take up to nine party members on an adventure to climb a very tall tower, where every floor of the structure is only eight steps long (hence the title). Tap once, and your hero will take one step forward. Tap twice quickly, and the hero will draw his or her weapon to attack the third field. This is important to remember, because sometimes you'll have to walk forward carefully and not hurt any princesses that you come across.

Slimes are easy kills, but you'll have to time your attacks to hurt the leaping frogs and flying bats. Dragons breathe fire, so only attack them with your sword when the opportunity to strike presents itself. Any money collected from defeated enemies can be used to unlock new party members and level backgrounds. Only the ability of the first hero in the queue is active at any time, but you can tap the change button to switch between party members whenever the need for it arises.

8StepTower is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.