nobrakes.pngNo Brakes Valet is a parking simulator in which you have to maneuver one vehicle after another into the empty parking lots. The cars appear on screen at breakneck speed, and though acceleration isn't possible there is a brake pedal that you can use to slow a vehicle down until it comes to a standstill. The left and right arrows can be used to steer the vehicle, and the number of cars left to park will always be indicated by a blue sign at the bottom of the screen.

Limo and V.I.P. lots are reserved for special vehicles, and you earn yourself more tips if you park the right car in those spots. Parking spaces for the handicapped should be left vacant, since violation tickets are issued whenever a vehicle occupies any of those lots. If you score above a hundred in tips after you've parked all of the vehicles, a bonus round will start where all cars to be parked have no brakes (hence the title) and will require you to use walls or drive them around until they lose all speed.

No Brakes Valet is available to purchase and play now on iOS, Android and Ouya for only $1.99.