Oh1.gif"In Okhlos you lead a mob of tiny-pixel-art Greeks that go around a 3D mythological Greece, destroying everything in its way, crushing gorgons, toppling cyclops and overthrowing gods. The mob will grow with each person that joins: from peasants and philosophers to legendary heroes, all of them will make each mob unique and relentless... if you can control it," says Roque Rey of Coffee Powered Machine.

These are Okhlos (Greek for "mob") in GIFs.

As seen above, the main goal of the game is to assemble a huge angry mob and you do that by adding people in this simple way.

There are different kinds of units in the game and each one does a different thing. Slaves for instance, carry these large and heavy items around. Life was hard for slaves, even in the cradle of democracy:

When the mob in the zone, no one can stop it. Not even these pompous cyclops:

You can buy units using Mobney®! Nah, just kidding. You sacrifice people:

You will have to face the twelve Olympian gods!

Even the loading screen is pixelated!

If you charge up your mob meter, you are almost unstoppable!

As for the inspiration behind Okhlos, Roque says, "We were doing brainstorming and a Simpsons quote about an angry mob came up, from the episode Bart After Dark. In that brainstorming we settled on doing another project. We started working on that, but the angry mob idea lingered and by the end of the week we had an Okhlos prototype.

"That was about a year ago, and it took so much time because we didn't had a reference game. During the first 8 months of the project we made 3 or 4 prototypes per month, to see where the fun was. We took the definitive path in terms of design, not so long ago.

"We thought of Pikmin as a reference at first, but we found out that we couldn't use it so much, because in Pikmin everything is so perfect, all the units are in order. We realized at that point that we were searching for chaos, so that was like the rupture point with Pikmin that made us go into a different direction.

"Also, after a long time, we realized that it was much more enjoyable to kill a lot of enemies in a small stage than walking forever in huge scenarios, so at that point we also started taking Binding of Isacc as a reference."

For platforms and releases: "We are thinking PC and Mac simultaneously, and Linux some time later."

When can people play it: "We really don't know. We want to release it this year, but we don't want to launch a game without everything we want to include in it. So we are really hoping this year, but we just don't know."