thkm.pngThe Hong Kong Massacre is an upcoming top down shooter that attempts to emulate the action and gunfight scenes from classic Hong Kong triad movies. In it players are given the assignment of hunting down a gang leader whose current whereabouts are unknown. The only way to find him is to hit the streets and start looking for clues from other members of his shady organization, spread out all over the city.

One main feature of the game is the ability to slow down time whenever you want. When this ability is activated, you can dodge bullets by rotating your character just as the projectile passes through. The game is currently being prototyped using Contruct2 for Windows, OS X and Linux, though this might change during development in the next couple of months.

vreski is preparing a website and trailer for The Hong Kong Massacre, and both of them should be out sometime later this week. Until then you can view a bunch of animated GIFs that he's posted in his devlog below.