Schizoid.pngDeveloper-band Schizoid produced its first game album Initiation, which contains 10 game tracks. These games were developed over the course of 2013 during the band's spare time and in game jams.

Schizoid plans to release an album of short games every 2 years. Each album will have a special guest, with this album's guest being Andre Asai and the game, Headblaster.

One of my favorite games is sidescrolling adventure The Way of Yiji. It has a unique Ukiyo-e art style where there is no shading, just colors in a blocky way with some alpha blending and light rays that cover the areas that you explore. The soundtrack adds to the game aesthetics and makes it a pleasant place to walk in. I have followed the developers since the beginning of 2013, waiting to try this final version.


Gargantua is a short adventure game about a warrior in search of a potion that will save his beloved from a deep sleep. You must fight 7 bosses, one after another to get the potion. Every giant has a special ability and a different weakness you must discover to win.


Created for Fantastic Arcade 2013 in 48 hours, Suck, explodes and mutate is a short game about an alien in his relentless pursuit of replication for its survival in many mysterious places. You must replicate yourself into small ships quickly before the boss comes so you can take him down.

These are just a few of the 10 games included in the album, all of which are worth your time. The album can be found here, with a full download available via