One of the best takes yet on the Flappy Bird mechanic, Ridiculous Glitching is a competitive multiplayer arcade game for up to four players on the same keyboard. The objective here is to collect the cherries for points, avoid paywalls and ghosts, and try to survive for as long as possible. A single-player option is included for practice runs, but the game only starts to shine when you can round up a few friends to play together with.

Gathering a rainbow pellet turns some ghosts into birds that can be brushed against for more points. These are worth quite a lot (compared to picking cherries one at a time), so be sure to do it whenever the opportunity arises. Players who find the game not challenging enough should attempt the hardcore mode instead, which is enabled by typing in a secret code at the title screen.

Ridiculous Glitching is available to try now on your browser. Download links for Windows, Mac and Linux are also provided on the same page.

[thanks to Rami Ismail for the tip!]