Absolute insanity. That is what playing the single-player arena challenge FPS Drunken Robot Pornography is. I felt like I was under fire the entire time I was playing. And while it was incredibly hectic and often challenging, it also felt great.

Levels in Drunken Robot Pornography ask simple tasks of the player. Get a certain amount of points, or kill a robot or two. The thing is these giant robots are called Titans, and are usually gargantuan, with many moving parts that mercilessly fire bullets and lasers at you. Strafing around these monstrous enemies while firing endlessly at them will dislodge parts, ultimately weakening them as the battle wears on. Your jet-boots are also a great addition, adding some Y-axis action to the battle as well.

Did we mention that you're timed during these fights? Oh, and that the levels are often filled with other, player-seeking small enemies that you'll have to contend with? It's a good thing then that there are powerups strewn through the levels which increase your firepower, jump capabilities or provide decoys for foes to home toward instead of you.

If 52 levels isn't enough for you, then perhaps the weekly Friday challenges Dejobaan Games will be hosting will keep your attention. Players will compete on leaderboards and share their strategies in the Steam forums. Speaking of Steam, the game is available on Workshop, allowing players to generate levels and Titans of their own.

Drunken Robot Pornography is available on Windows through Steam. It costs $12 until February 26, when the price climbs to its normal $15 watermark.