Stonerid is a 2D platformer that tells the story of an ancient tree which has been around for longer than anyone can seem to remember. The existence of this tree at the top of Atronast mountain brings peace to the land by driving away monsters with its magical protection. This peace was not to last though, because somehow its magical properties are draining away and the tree is slowly dying from being poisoned by a strange toxic substance. Assuming the role as a stone creature that could shapeshift between two forms, it's up to the player to venture into the dark forest and discover who is responsible for causing this unrest.

Similar to the new Giana Sisters series, invoking the shapeshifting ability allows you to shift between two parallel worlds with very different layouts and object placements. One world could have a set of traps or walls that prevent the player from progressing, while the other might present players with a ladder or a floating platform to help them move forward. You can only stomp on enemies to kill them in the stone creature form, but switching to the demon form bestows you with the ability to climb ladders and jump higher because of your lighter weight.

The game is currently up on Steam Greenlight awaiting enough votes to get on Steam, and a sizeable demo with four levels to play through is also available to download from Indie DB.