Nyamyam's Tengami, a slow-paced point and click adventure game, originally came up on our radar back in 2012, when it was featured at Tokyo Game Show's Sense of Wonder Night and was an IndieCade finalist. It finally hit the digital shelves recently, and it really lives up to the promise it showed back then.

All of Tengami's puzzles involve manipulating the environment, which has been designed to look and act like a pop-up book heavily inspired by traditional Japanese art. These manipulations often take the form of flipping parts of the book-like backgrounds, though sometimes the player must do things like ringing a series of bells in the proper sequence. Each completed puzzle opens a way forward, with each area culminating in the finding of one of the cherry blossoms that fell off the tree in the game's intro.


The main character's journey is a bit abstract, but has an introspective air about it. The slow pace helps put the focus on the journey, rather than the destination, but with backgrounds which are at once both vibrant and calm accompanied by soothing music, that's nothing to complain about. It's a game well suited to quiet play in the evening, curled up on the couch with a cup of tea.

Right now, Tengami is only available for iOS, but it is scheduled for release on Windows and Mac later this year. The iOS version is a universal app costing $4.99. The PC version is currently available for pre-order for $10, which includes a song from the soundtrack, exclusive wallpapers, and DIY Tengami papercraft pop-up templates. The soundtrack is also available for pre-order, separately or at a discount if combined with a pre-order for the PC version.

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