The Game Kitchen has released the fourth episode of their crowdfunded, episodic horror series The Last Door, finishing off the first season. Titled Ancient Shadows, this episode wraps up the current story arc with the same haunting atmosphere fans have come to love. Not a fan yet? Well, the first three installments are available for free now and available to play in your browser, making it easy to join the party.

The Last Door takes place in 19th century Great Britain and features puzzles designed to tease your brain. The pixelated graphics show only the bare minimum and allow your imagination to fill in the blanks. And for this most recent installment, The Game Kitchen has added some new features like an intelligent music system that takes Carlos Viola's music in and outputs a deeper immersion for the player.

The fifth installment, which will kick off season two, is slated for release in summer of 2014. Rather than start on it right away, The Game Kitchen is first going to revamp their engine to allow for more gameplay and experience improvements in season two. As always, they are seeking donations to help fund further development; for one euro you get instant access to Ancient Shadows, for fifteen euros you get instant access to all of the upcoming episodes as they are released, and if you beat the average, you also get to download the game's soundtrack.

All but the most current episode are available for free, however, to be played in a browser or downloaded to your computer, which makes it easy to get caught up and/or see if you're interested in investing in the series. The Last Door used to be available on iOS as well, but has been taken down temporarily while The Game Kitchen changes their iOS strategy.