Coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux this year, Funktronic Labs' Nova-111 is described as a sci-fi themed turn-based adventure game with puzzles and a twist of real-time action where players will fight aliens in space for SCIENCE!

At a quick glance, I thought Eddie Lee of Funktronic (Lotus and Kyoto dev) had made a roguelike of sorts, but he told me that was merely how the game started off. "Now it has become a fully hand-crafted world with properly designed levels and a story!"

He says battling consists of encounters with enemies and environmental hazards. "Our ultimate goal was to innovate [on] classic turn-based gameplay by injecting real-time game elements into it! We want the urgency of real-time games with the strategy of turn-based games."

Can you spot the differences between the real-time and turn-based gameplay in the trailer? Eddie clarifies for me some of the finer things shown: "the spikes fall in real-time, you aggro them by standing under them, and they fall in real-time. Other elements like the bomb tick off in real-time, as well. Some enemies fire projectiles that move in real-time, too. Our goal is to have a lot of these real-time elements occur around the player to give them the sense of time pressure that is usually not in a turn-based game."

Nova-111 will demo at BitSummit in Japan followed by GDC next month.