ufb.jpgUFB (Ultimate Fighting Bros) is a MMA-inspired arcade game in which two fighters meet inside a steel cage for a match that will determine who wins the title belt and bragging rights. Players score points by slamming their opponent to the ground, and the fighter that wins two rounds out of three is declared the champion.

Both fighters begin the match at opposites end of the cage. By holding down the action button you can set the height of your fighter's jump just before he launches himself and tries to catch his opponent off-guard. When two fighters meet in mid-air, the player with a higher position will win the exchange and gets to slam his opponent on the mat. You win the round if you piledrive your opponent to the ground three times.

UFB is a free download for both iOS and Android devices, though you'll need to buy a $2 iAP (the only one) to unlock power-up items that you can use in single and two-player matches.